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Avid Gamers Yearn To Be A Beta Game Tester But Only A Few Do Well

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Obviously, you don't really have the need to be a rocket scientist to find out the reasons gamers would like to be paid game testers. They simply want to be paid to play video games, period. This actually is as far as the thought process goes. They think that, "As a professional video game tester I would certainly get rewarded to sit down, enjoy, and play video games." That kind of job would be truthfully great, yet that's not what a game tester does. They may very well sit, they may even relax, but they won't truly be "playing". They might not in fact be playing video games for money; they'll be trying them for a paycheck.

"Whats the distinction?" Well, in a word, work. In contrast to testing, playing a video game does not oblige you to do any particular work. While playing games, you sit back, relax, and basically let the video game wash over you. On the other hand, while testing, you will have to really pay attention to the game you're taking part in. That might not exactly mean paying attention to the storyline or plot; it refers to being aware of pretty much everything that is running on on-screen. It means watching, paying attention, evaluating, and analyzing everything that you are seeing.

Why must you have a heightened awareness when testing video games? Because of everything that you need to carry out while testing the games; which generally is filling out bug and glitch.

In order to find system faults and glitches, you have to be in tune with the screen and know precisely what is going on; hence, the rationale for the awareness. You you will have to be able to perceive anomalies on the fly and be able to verify "normal" from "abnormal". If you couldn't do that, well, then you won't be able to proceed in a career in video game testing. Nonetheless, before you decide to plainly give up, you should try to practice & enhance those skills a bit more.

Practicing can be done with any video game on any system; preferably a next-gen console such as the XBOX 360 or the Playstation 3. You basically have to play the video game like a professional video game tester would do, with heightened awareness. Compose yourself and take in the full screen. Make sure that you can openly see every nook and cranny of the screen and that practically nothing obstructs your view. In addition, you should be sitting in front of the TV and not really at an angle. The most appropriate form of practice apparently comes from actual testing jobs, but don't let that fact stop you from practicing the "testing" operation. Who knows, you may even come across some glitches or bugs in the game that no one ever came across.

Working as a professional video game tester is ultimately a dream profession. After all, how many individuals get to say "Time to Go to Work" and then just switch on their video game console or computer?

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